Friday, April 22, 2005

Of Foots in Mouths and Editors on Phones

Little do people know that apna Kapil Kelkar actually had the temerity to say Bol, yaar to our senior editor.

Before you rise from your seat and clutch your heart in indignation, let me add the incident had all the overtones of a good ol' mistaken-identity flick.

Seems Kapil was in TV Monitoring when the telephone rang. Under the impression that he was talking to yours truly, Kapil responded in true-blue fraternal spirit - Bol, yaar (Literal translation - Speak, friend). Wonder what editorji must have thought at that instant.

Friday, April 01, 2005

Of Singaporean Chow and Digicams

Our expats seem to be doing really well. Debjit is currently enjoying a week-long business junket in Singapore.

And making our eyes pop out with envy as he tucks into Singaporean chow.

The Bengali babu recently bought a swanky digicam - this was soon after his trip to the British capital in February.

Who knows what tech marvel DC will experiment with this time. SOME PEOPLE (By the way, I have a patent over this phrase - Anima! Dare you use it again) have all the luck in the world.