Sunday, August 28, 2005

Of Snazzy Shirts and the Westside Story

Guess who goes to Westside and spends all of rupees four thousand on a T-shirt, a shirt and four pairs of trousers? The answer: One of our top bosses.

Recently, he entered office quite nattily dressed - causing deskpersons to drop whatever they were doing and simply stare.

In fact, his own boss complimented the former on his choice of snazzy apparel AND expressed his desire to frequent the famous clothing chain.

Well, it certainly proves that the honchos are as conscious of contemporary fashion trends as the college-going crowd.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Of Fishy Matters and Bengali Diets

Well, even as Debjit's gonna be a father, we found out that he's already become a granddad.

Not to a human though. It turns out that a school of four fish that the Bengali dada had been breeding in a fledgling aquarium gave birth to a dozen wriggling aquatic infants.

Unfortunately, the fish tank no longer houses any living creatures and is today merely a bowl of dirty water.

What happened? Well, given the Bengali community's propensity for fried fish, we'll leave you to put two and two together.

Friday, August 12, 2005

Of Love Bites and Secret Affairs

Love Bite???? Wondering about that strange mark on Sumit's right cheek? You are not alone.

The office is rife with reports that Sumit is not himself anymore. Is it love? Or is it merely a shaving nick? Has Cupid finally conquered the Haryanvi dude?

Try as he might, Sumit can't hide the fact that the mark on his cheek looks suspiciously like a hickey.

When contacted, he refused to clarify matters, leaving rumourmongers baffled. But don't you worry, we'll find out more about the mysterious damsel in his life.