Friday, October 29, 2004

Of Anurag and Dehradun Trips

If you think the sparkle is missing from Anurag's eyes these days, you won't be too far from the truth.

The happy-go-lucky lad is down in the dumps after missing a date with environmentalist Vandana Shiva.

Anurag was promised by his news editor he would be sent to Dehradun to attend Shiva's conference, IF he transformed some press releases into decent stories.

The office mascot came through with his trademark exuberance but the editor threw a spanner in the works by deciding to award the juicy assignment to the Dehradun correspondent.

Don't worry Anurag, we're sure you will get even better assignments in the future. So, keep your chin up and keep flashing that brilliant smile.

Thursday, October 28, 2004

Of Icecreams and Other Treats

Good News for all icecream fans at office. Mother Dairy has launched three new flavours this season. The bonanza includes the 'Coffee', 'Choco-Vanilla' and 'Choco-Orange' flavours.

Waiting for an opportunity to try them out? Ask Debjit. He recently 'achieved' two years of wedded bliss with honey Sucharita. Do I hear legions of colleagues hankering for a treat?

Monday, October 25, 2004

Of Shambhuji and Curd Rice

Shambuji has finally 'fallen' or rather 'risen' in love. Having once tried out the 'Curd rice' at a rival canteen, Shambuji can now think of nothing else.

While working, visions of a steaming plate of delicious curd rice blur his eyes and hamper his concentration.

He even dreams of delectable curd oozing out in an ocean of shimmering rice grains.

Sources say that Shambuji is consulting a psychiatrist to help him get over his infatuation. Get well soon, Shambuji.

And may we suggest that you commit 'adultery' with the above-mentioned flavours of icecream.

Of Canteens and Pretty Damsels

Hordes of our bachelors colleagues are making a beeline for the rival canteen nowadays.

Reports indicate that a certain pretty damsel who happens to be the daughter of proprietor might be responsible for the sudden rise in the eatery's clientele at lunchtime.

Maidens from the our office also frequent the canteen but for a more ostensible reason – that of edible food.

The lack of presentable males in the vicinity would certainly be a turn-off otherwise.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Of Graveyard Shifts and Reticent Seniors

The monotony of Graveyard shifts is occasionally broken by sorties to the all-night paratha shop near Shivaji Stadium.

On other nights, a good book can help keep the blues away. And sometimes, you have the good fortune of having a 'friendly' senior and a 'Bhasha' trainee sharing the same shift.

Please make note of the word `friendly' here. Coz spending six graveyard hours with a reticent senior who refuses to open his mouth, is akin to third-degree torture.

Saturday, October 23, 2004

Of Rats and Roaches

Reports suggest that a mysterious creature has been recently haunting the Features desk. Black in colour and resembling a giant Jerry (of 'Tom and Jerry' fame), the animal has been eliciting screams from trainees, by popping in/out/under cabinets at regular intervals.

A cockroach was also spotted in the vicinity. Late Mr Cockroach was mercilessly crushed under the heel of the Desk head.

Advice for future Mag Desk Trainees? Well! Arm yourselves with Baygon sprays and be prepared for some heavy-duty military action before the place turns into a modern-day version of Noah's Ark.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Of Stray Mongrels and Posh Cars

A stray mongrel was caught in flagrante delicto relieving himself on a hub cap of the editor's car.

Although the accused was immediately shooed away, sources say the damage was already done. The hub cap of the front wheel on the right side of the vehicle is now showing signs of rust.

Police are now combing the premises to capture the conniving beast and export him to South Korea, a nation where man's so-called best friend is considered a delectable dish.

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Of Salary slips and ATM Cards

Yesterday, passersby were disturbed by a dreadful wailing emanating from the office administration block and premises of the Bank of India. It seems our Salary Slips and ATM cards are very angry at our not having picked them up yet.

According to psychiatrist Dr Sanjay Chugh, loneliness and neglect makes them prone to moods of depression which might lead to some Dharmendra-style sooooocides.

Colleagues are therefore requested not to further prolong their agony and in the interest of people’s eardrums, PLEASE go and collect your salary slips and ATM cards a.s.a.p.