Sunday, March 14, 2010

Of Wiry Bodies and Tennis Workouts

Sumit Upadhyaya's secret is out. This Dow Jones guy's wiry frame had many wondering if he had given up on food. No more speculation. The secret is his weekly tennis workout. Sumit and a couple of friends use a nearby court to hone their tennis skills.

So do we have a Somdev Devvarman in the making? Not really, says Sumit. He doesn't seem to have any pro tennis ambitions but it's still working out for him on the fitness front.

After a few unpleasant gym experiences -- aches and sprains -- it seems this journo has found his calling. Now, if only he could inspire his heavier peers to follow suit.

Of Homemade Sundaes and Licking Lips

It's not easy living up to Hot Chocolate Fudge standards. But methinks Swaty has mastered the art of this perfect sinful delight. Hmmmm, if only it didn't have so many calories.

Lest we have hordes of people rushing to Swaty's place and trying to get their hands on these scrumptious treats, let me remind you that icecream-eating sessions at her home are invite-only events.

Did I hear any groans out there?