Sunday, March 13, 2005

Of TV Monitors and Indian Idols

The popularity of a television programme can be gauged not by TRP ratings but how often it's watched in the TV room of a news media organisation.

Incidentally, the TV here is strictly meant for monitoring news channels. Imagine then, the surprise of the person in the Monitoring shift when one senior reporter (who will remain anonymous) asked her to change channels so that he could enjoy an episode of Indian Idol.

That too at nine pm prime time, when the ritual of watching NDTV is deemed sacrosanct.

Indian Idol - the magical malady which transports even journos to a world of mystical melody.

Friday, March 04, 2005

Of Resignations and Dropping Flies

Coming close on the heels of the resignations of Anima, Shivika, Mriganka and Anurag is the shocking news of Swaty quitting our office.

Sources have comfirmed that Swaty, who is currently battling illness in Patna, has resigned and that hubby dearest Manas Gupta will be dropping in the resignation letter on her behalf. Come on guys, we are dropping like flies.

Pretty soon, the Prime Minister will forget all about tigers and will set up a Task Force to look into the disappearance of journos from the 2004 batch. Yes, we certainly are an endangered species.