Sunday, May 29, 2005

Of Shaven Heads and Press Conferences

Well, well, well! Prashant's new 'shaven head' look might have caused certain eyebrows to rise in various directions but now with Misha alleging that it was an "accident", the hairdo seems destined to be mired in controversy.

At a press conference last week, Misha alleged that Prashant had revealed to her the reason for his Mogambo look.

"He had been trimming his hair with a shaver (sic) and went a bit too far with it on one side of his scalp. As a result of this accident, he was forced to shave off some hair on the other side to balance the look. One thing led to another and before he knew it, Prashant had harvested his entire crop of hair," the Ludhiana lass told reporters here.

When contacted (as part of our policy of balanced and objective reporting), Prashant merely seethed with anger and denied the whole incident, saying he had not even spoken to anyone about his hair.

"I am more concerned with inflation, and am not obsessed with my hair. Don't you people have anything better to report on?," the venerable scribe queried, turning a beetroot red in the process.

Believe it or not - we believe that's not the last we're going to hear of this controversy.

Saturday, May 14, 2005

Of Death Threats and Wedding Bells

Anima Balakrishnan. Yes, this is the byline which the former damsel from our organisation used in her story in a national newspaper this week.

So, has she got married on the sly? That's what our correspondent Shemin Joy alleges in a breaking news story.

All attempts to contact the accused in the minuscule tehsil of Coimbatore proved futile. Looks like the only telephone in that remote Tamil Nadu village was out-of-order.

However, soon after the publication of his report, our correspondent started receiving threatening calls from the accused.

"I'll kill you when I get my hands on you" - these were the words used by the accused to terrorise our reporter and Shemin is ready to swear to them in any court of law.

Hey Anima, come clean on the subject. We'll forgive your getting married without telling us - or even if the strange byline was the result of a printing error.

Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Of Papa Debjit and More Treats

Our very own Debjit is all set to be a proud papa soon. Whether he will be dressing the would-be babe in blue or pink outfits remains to be seen.

Well, we wish the proud pa-to-be and wifey dear Sucharita all the very best. Do I hear legions of fans hankering for a treat?

Monday, May 09, 2005

Of Hairdo Mishaps and Exclusive Perfumes

Heard Misha complaining that her overzealous hairdresser went a trifle overboard while handling her tresses.

The resultant hairdo (though Misha says it's a tad short) has found favour with some of us, reminding us of the pretty locks of Jennifer Aniston (Rachel) in the American sitcom Friends.

What's more, Misha is experimenting with a new eau-de-cologne. No, we won't tell you which one - it won't remain exclusive anymore.