Saturday, November 05, 2005

Of Thai Brides and Indian Maids

Not many know of the Thai connection in Sumit's life. Turns out the Haryanvi lad's elder brother - a thriving IT professional in Bangkok - married a Thai citizen three years ago.

Circa 2005 - the Thai couple is visiting Delhi and Sumit's taking a few days off to show them around and also accompany them to the family's ancestral house in the vicinity of Chandigarh.

Sumit's parents had been dead against the marriage but true love and Kanjana (yes, that's this practising Buddhist's name) prevailed.

This time around, Sumit's toddler niece would also be visiting India and our colleague will finally get someone to 'Uncle' him around.

When we asked Sumit whether he would be following in his brother's footsteps, we were rewarded with a somewhat obscure reply.

"I'm not in love with any Indian girl," he says.

Does that mean he would settle for a Thai one then? One never knows - considering Sumit did spend some time in Bangkok attending his brother's nuptials.

People reminded of the controversy surrounding the mysterious mark on Sumit's chin some weeks ago, may also please take note of the statement.

Meanwhile, Sumit's also been having domestic problems of another kind.

His maid, like every most other maids in the capital city, is highly irresponsible. She burns vegetables on the gas with unflinching ease and had even locked apna Sumit in his house by mistake, that too when the Business correspondent was getting late for office.

No, we are not aware if she has any designs on Sumit but if so, we can be sure it's only a one-way thing. Coz Sumit's gone right ahead and fired her.

'Peace at last' - that's the only refrain we can hear tolling in Sumit's cranium. And we wish him peace for many more years to come.

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