Monday, January 09, 2006

Of River Rafting and Mount Everest

It is difficult to imagine Aparna Nair with safety harness et al perched precariously on a clifftop.

Well, she hasn't climbed Mount Everest yet but would love to do so if she got the chance. Aparna professes a love for trekking and in her own words has "done quite a lot of it".

And she's really jealous her younger brother is presently in Rishikesh having a go at river-rafting. Her lifetime ambition - trekking all the way to Kailash Mansoravar.

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aparna said...

factual error in reporting, tony tharakan. i have scant respect for the overrated highest mt peak in the world that has begun to shrink already under the weight of its pride (or under the weight of those who trundle up to bag seconds of glory if they manage to dodge the snow and get to the plains).
and as for the scaling part, kanchenjunga or the steep nanadadevi is tougher to climb than the everest. in fact nandadevi is the toughest, so the learned say.