Monday, November 13, 2006

Of the TV Journo and the Sea

Zee Business anchor Mriganka Dadwal got her first glimpse of the sea recently. It seems Miss Dadwal was covering a fashion shoot in Pondicherry and was returning to her quarters when she spied the blue waters of the Bay of Bengal. She screamed so loudly that the driver of the car is said to have lost his hearing.

Anyhow, the poor guy immediately applied the brakes and watched as Miss Dadwal ran down to the water's edge and started splashing around in obvious delight. Well, we all know how much fun being on the beach is. After all, it was Mriganka's first tryst with the sea. We wish her many more such wondrous experiences.


priyank said...

Its a fact!! whoever sees sea for first time actually goes crazy.. :)
btw! i knw Mriganka personally.. :)

so wat do u cover in Zee?

Toe Knee said...

Hi Priyank,

Nah! I don't work for Zee


Toe Knee

priyank said...

So how do you know Mriganka?