Sunday, November 07, 2004

Of Big Bulls and Delhi Roads

Accidents on Delhi's killer roads are no rarity. Our very own Swaty and her hubby Manas had a bad experience last week while wending their way past Nizamuddin Bridge.

It was close to midnight as the couple continued on their homeward journey when suddenly, a bull 'detached' itself from the surrounding darkness and chose to appear directly in the path of the mobike.

Swerving to avoid contact with the ghoulish creature, Manas loses control of the machine, and falls to the ground. The Yamaha proved to be 'Maha' and chose to fall on top of him for lack of a better parking space.

Swaty had fallen off the bike too but then she was up and about in a jiffy, rushing to the side of her husband who had blacked out for some terrifying moments.

Imagine the scene - damsel in distress at the scene of a midnight mishap. And guess the number of vehicles who would stop and help? Yes, you guessed right - None.

A number of vehicles did slow down but when it came to playing Good Samaritan, Delhites try so hard not to be saints. But there was certainly a happy ending.

The knight in shining armour this time was an unlikely one - a kindly soul riding an Eicher tractor. Between the two of them, Swaty and the Good Samaritan managed to extract the mobike which had been busy enjoying a horse-ride on Manas' back.

Hubby dear regained consciousness soon after and was lucky enough to escape sans fractures. Swaty suffered only a few bruises and was back in office after a day's well-deserved rest.

And what of the Good Samaritan? Well, it must suffice to reveal that the anonymous soul is still out there somewhere, waiting to perform his next saintly act. May his tribe increase.

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