Friday, November 05, 2004

Of Courts and Court Cases

We had a not-so-pleasant brush with the judiciary last month.

The Apex Court had put a month-long stay order on our publication after litigant Prashant Sahoo filed a case against us in court. He complained that we invaded his privacy when we reported on his Dubai 'trip' in a previous issue.

Spewing venom at this publication's editor, the worthy scribe made his irritation pretty apparent.

"I had no plans to go to Dubai and I was not supposed to be sent there either. The entire story was mere fabrication and I seek justice from the honourable court. The episode cost me emotional hurt and I have sued them for a million dollars,"
he told reporters at a press conference here.

"I am sick of the paparazzi in this country. They offer me no peace. When I go home, they are there. When I come to office, they are there. God knows if they have installed hidden cameras. Why can't they harass filmstars and leave us poor journalists alone,"
added a miffed Prashant.

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