Monday, January 10, 2005

Of Dirty Dailies and Sleepy Sentries

Ever wonder why in the mornings, newspapers in the 'newspaper room' appear crumpled and smell like they have spent the night with a tramp on 'Mud' Island. Well, they have - spent the night with someone, I mean.

As the wee hours strike, mysterious figures flit into the newspaper room and steal the stacks away. And why are newspaper stacks so precious? No, you certainly can't sell them on the black market for a million dollars. BUT they do serve as fantastic substitutes for comfy mattresses in the office.

Our correspondent conducted a graveyard shift recce and discovered five non-journalistic staff lying spreadeagled on 'newspaper stack' mattresses. And each guy seemed to have a personal favourite.

Speaking to us on condition of anonymity, one guy professed his undying love for the soft and tender 'skin' of The Asian Age.

Others swore by The Times of India and Hindustan Times. But there are few takers for National Herald which finishes a poor last in the 'newspaper stack' sweepstakes. It is said that the Herald newsprint is of inferior quality and is likely to give you a skin rash if you sleep with it for too long.

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