Friday, March 17, 2006

Of Canteen Boys and Flashbacks

Many have wondered why Vinod is so good to the canteen boys. Unlike other colleagues, this Mallu dude never berates them or cribs about their service. Well, the mystery may have been solved.

It turns out that eons ago, Vinod's father owned two restaurants in God's own country (Kerala) and our dear Foreign Affairs expert used to occasionally serve at tables there.

Vinod had to put up with some ill-tempered patrons who revelled in finding fault, blissfully unaware that he was the son of the proprietor.

That experience was to remain with him all his life and taught him a valuable lesson - People who serve us in canteens are humans too, Treat them with respect.


Giridhar Narayan said...

Looking forward to know about TT going for "assignments" with interns? ah
Saw TT with those girls twice. What say??

Tony said...

No such luck, GDN. It wasn't as good an opportunity as you imagine.
You are most welcome to take them to assignments next time around.